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Re: [council] Intake Committee

There appears to be some confusion over the concept and role of an Intake

The Intake Committee (as foreseen by Berkman and discussed by the Lindsay
chaired NC work group in which I participated) is an admin assistant for a
volunteer chairman. Its membership was proposed at 3. It organises an agenda
responding to a variety of sources (NC members, the GA chair, NC
secretariat, ICANN secretariat/Board). It would not have the capacity to ban
key issues from discussion. The concern it might is unfounded.

It seems a waste of NC resources to have each constituency represented to do
an administrative task. This is important for the other committees set up at
the last NC meeting but not for this one.

Indeed if you create an Intake committee that does represent all
constituencies, you risk having two meetings discussing the same thing.
A large Intake Committee committee will be less flexible, less easy to plan
meetings and have longer meetings.

Think again NC members. If there if any incidence of Intake Committee
filtering of the agenda, then we can reconsider, but I believe you will find
there will not be.


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