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Re: [council] Please make comments on


Thank you for your prompt response.

> I suggest adding to item 3 - adoption by NC of the WG C six principles.

3. New Top Level Domains: The selection process
    - Any recommendation from Names Council Needed?
    - WG C six principles
    1310 - 1430

> It may be more productive to swap around items 4 and 5 and then take items
> and 6 together.

5. Working Group E's Final Report
    1530 - 1545

4.The relations between WGs and Names Council
    based upon responses from WG-C.
    1430 - 1530

6. New Working Group Formation Proposal Review
    1545 - 1600

As requested, I changed some order(4 and 5),
however, I don't think we can synchronize Item 4 and 6,
which are quite different issues.

> Is there a written proposal for item 6 or are you just proposing it as a
> discussion item?

As far as I know, there are some groups who want to submit
proposals, which may be available soon.

In addition to this proposal, NC also has to work on documentation
works which has been raised since last Santiago meeting.



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