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[council] From Jonathan Weinberg, recommendations on WG-C

> From owner-wg-c@dnso.org Sat Apr 22 05:08 MET 2000
> Message-Id: <>
> Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 23:04:15 -0400
> To: Elisabeth.Porteneuve@cetp.ipsl.fr
> From: Jonathan Weinberg <weinberg@mail.msen.com>
> Subject: [wg-c] for the NC
> Cc: wg-c@dnso.org, touton@icann.org
> Elisabeth --
> 	Yet again (and probably for the last time), I'd be grateful if you could
> forward this message to the Names Council.
> 	Thanks.
> Jon
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> To the Names Council:
> 	This message is to convey my recommendation that Working Group C be
> thanked and disbanded.  For three reasons, I don't think it makes sense for
> us to continue work.
> 	First, we've run out of time.  Now that you've sent your recommendation on
> new gTLDs to the Board, it's the job of ICANN staff to draw up
> implementation documents, for public comment, so that the Board can take
> action in Yokohama.  I understand that Louis Touton has advised that you
> should complete your recommendations within a month if ICANN staff are to
> be able to take them fully into account.  There isn't sufficient time, in
> one month, for Working Group C to reach further consensus recommendations
> and for you to approve those recommendations after a three-week period of
> public comment.
> 	Second, if we were to do additional work, I'm not sure on what basis we'd
> proceed.  The approach of the working group has been to build on past
> consensus points in crafting new ones. For some time, those past consensus
> points have included a rough consensus in favor of an initial deployment of
> six to ten new gTLDs followed by an evaluation period.  Your recent
> deliberations, however, suggest that you may not consider that a reliable
> foundation on which to build further work.
> 	Finally, we're all tired.  (I know I am.)  I think the vast majority of
> the members of the working group have shown tremendous, admirable
> willingness to engage, and to compromise, on the important substantive
> issues.  We've all learned from each other to a remarkable degree.  At this
> point, though, I don't think we're going to get a lot more done.  It's time
> for different bodies to move these issues forward.
> 	I'm deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this
> important endeavor.
> Jon
> Jonathan Weinberg
> co-chair, WG-C
> weinberg@msen.com