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[council] Notification of the DNSO's selected candidates for the ICANN Board

  Tuesday, October 26th, 1999
  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
  Board of Directors
  4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
  Marina del Rey CA 90292
  Cc: Michael Roberts, President and CEO
  The DNSO Names Council confirms the selection of the three DNSO
  representatives to the ICANN Board, and hereby presents them to
  the ICANN Board. The selected candidates are:
      1) Alejandro Pisanty (Mexico; Latin America/Caribbean Islands 
                            region) (three year term)
      2) Amadeu Abril I Abril (Catalonia; Europe region) (two year term)
      3) Jonathan Cohen (Canada; North America region) (one year term)
  The DNSO Names Council confirms that it considers the elections
  to have been fair, that votes for all candidates were correctly
  counted, and that the results thereby correctly reflect the voting
  for each candidate. Each of these candidates had the affirmative
  votes of more than half (1/2) of all the members of the NC,
  and represents a different geographic region.
  We wish them success and look forward to co-operating with them.
  An independent review and audit of the procedures will be conducted,
  and these results will also be published when the review is complete.
  The Names Council will open to the public the voting records
  subsequent to ICANN receiving and accepting the selected candidates.
  Elisabeth Porteneuve
  DNSO Secretariat
  on behalf of the DNSO Names Council