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[council] Election process review

Fellow Council members (or are we councillors?),
Well, it has been a marathon but for me at least it was a chance to start to work with, and get to know, other Council members. I am sorry I missed part of the Council conference when it was decided to go ahead with the election process review.
I note Nigel is already taking action (many thanks) and finding some sponsorship also (even better) which raises two questions:
1. Did the NC agree to a budget for this? What is it?
2. Do we have terms of reference for the review?   ....What we really want out of a review is not a historical analysis but a recommendation as to how in 1 years time the election process can be better and less time consuming.
I would be happy to contribute my thoughts in detail to the reviewer in due course.
Philip Sheppard
AIM - European Brands Association
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