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[council] Audit/Review of election

Following the agreement made at yesterday's teleconference that we
agreed to ask independent experts to find out exactly how we could have
prevented the 'glitch' in the election and to provide us with 
expert advice on how the election process may be improved, 
I am pleased to report that I have been fortunate to have had an 
offer from Willie Black of Nominet to help underwrite the cost of 
consulting acknowledged experts in this field. 

I will also contribute towards the cost personally. (Other 
offers are welcome, of course).

Accordingly I have had a preliminary conversation with Joe Wadsworth
of ERBS. 

ERBS is a professional organisation who advise, organise and
run large elections for non-profits and charity organisation like
as the British Computer Society, the Engineering Council and many others
in the UK, Ireland and elswehere, and they have extensive expertise in
running elections using different electoral systems.

I have no personal connection with ERBS other than having seen them do
an excellent job for several non-profit organistions I have served on 
the board of, or am a member of.

ERBS also recently developed principles for email elections based on
long established experience in running paper elections which were used
in the ccTLD constituency elections.

I will ask Joe to provide some background on the organisation and
its professional expertise in due course.

In the meantime, I would be grateful if you would provide any input you
may have in this process direct to him at joe.wadsworth@erbs.co.uk

Kind regards