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Re: [council] Today NC telecon motion

At 19:55 18.10.99 +0200, Elisabeth Porteneuve wrote:
>Please verify, and complete/correct.
>Michael, would you mind add what is needed (your comment), please ?


my comment was: due to the facts presented by Dennis I agree.

The background to this (and for the record I would like to repeat it on the 
list): up to now I was assuming that the second message had the purpose of 
voting whereby the wrong candidate was marked. If this had been the case I 
would have considered it a valid vote and would not have agreed to a 
repetition. The way Dennis presented it however the second message was only 
meant to be a reply for you which never had the purpose of voting. The 
NC-member concerned has also confirmed this version. In light of the facts 
as described I share the opinion that this is a miscounting rather than a 
selection fault which justifies recounting and repeating the election as of 
the relevant round of voting.

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