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RE: [council] Draft Statement

I would recommend providing much less detail, something like this:

"In the DNSO selection process for the 1-year ICANN Board seat, a technical
error was discovered on Friday, October 15th before the process was
completed.  The Names Council immediately stopped the process, thoroughly
investigated the issue, corrected the error and then continued the process
on Monday, October 18th.  It is anticipated that the process will be
completed by Tuesday, October 19th."



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Thank you a lot for your redrafting.

I had Dennis on phone twenty minutes ago, and he was rushing
to a social event tonight. We discussed about draft, and the issue
"to be published" was raised: what does it mean ?
We concluded it means be sent to the DNSO lists, ga, announce and council.

It is indeed correct that the results of recalculated ballot
will not be made public before the end of election process,
and you are correct to point it out. Theses results are for
the NC members only temporarily.

I took your text, added your suggested sentence.
Please check it once more, and we will have a statement ready.

Bst regards to all.

Statement to be published after the re-count of the first round votes in
the Names Council election of the third (one year term) ICANN Board

I.e. sent to ga@dnso.org, announce@dnso.org and council@dnso.org

During the Names Council election for the third ICANN Board member,
a member of the Names Council requested that the first round of votes
be reviewed to determine whether the votes as cast were correctly
recorded.  The Names Council reviewed the situation, and requested
the DNSO Secretariat to verify each Names Council members respective
vote for round one with that Names Council member.

As a result of this verification process, one of the Names Council
members confirmed that the vote they had cast had NOT been truly
and correctly recorded, and identified their correct vote.
This error in recording has been corrected, and the Names Council
will now be proceeding with round 2.

The results of that race were expected for Friday October 15th,
but the election will not be completed until Tuesday October 19th
because of technical difficulties in the online voting system being

The Names Council