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[council] Re: Proxy for Kleiman


There a visible problem, somewhere (aol.com ?).

In the dnso.org logs, on *arrival*, syslog starting Sunday
Oct 10 03:xx CET (each syslog is one week time) I have only
2 messages from you:

dnso|listadmin% grep -i kathrynkl /var/log/syslog | grep -i from
Oct 10 15:57:01 dnso sendmail[15913]: PAA15913: from=<KathrynKL@aol.com>, size=1
408, class=0, pri=31408, nrcpts=1, msgid=<0.f79d739c.2531f531@aol.com>, proto=ES
MTP, relay=imo-d09.mx.aol.com []
Oct 12 04:11:43 dnso sendmail[11393]: EAA11393: from=<KathrynKL@aol.com>, size=8
52, class=0, pri=30852, nrcpts=1, msgid=<0.24b0c371.2533f2e2@aol.com>, proto=ESM
TP, relay=imo-d10.mx.aol.com []

I have no slightest idea how to solve this problem. 
At the same time we have also explanation why I had to make
backup voting for you several times.
Randy's messages are here within seconds.

Randy is in coucil@dnso.org list, no need to CC explicitely.

Best regards, proxy noted.