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[council] Re: is there a call today at 3:00 or not????


There is no telecon today Thursday. We will have the telecon
tomorrow, Friday, 15:00 CET. It would be preferable to have
the same phone number and passcode.

I do not know for Saturday, if you could make conditionnal
reservation, we are safe.

Thank you,


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> From: Theresa Swinehart <Theresa.Swinehart@wcom.com>
> Subject: is there a call today at 3:00 or not????
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> Hi - I know we don't vote until tomorrow. But is there a call today at three
> or not? If not I need to cancel the bridge. If so - will leave it...
> If I cancel it for today - I will make sure we still have exactly the same
> number for tomorrow as always.
> Do I need to set it up for Saturday?
> Theresa