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[council] Re: Rick White controversy


As far as I am aware (I have a flood of e-mail from various lists), no 
formal complaint has been made to the Names Council (or to me 
as temporary acting chairman of the current series of 

The Names Council did take time to consider the issues raised 
about the nomination rules during its teleconference today, but had 
to concentrate on the actual election process.

The Names Council will consider the issues raised - and, I hope, 
will issue a statement in due course.

Sorry to be a bit vague.


Date sent:      	Wed, 13 Oct 1999 15:18:38 -0400
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Subject:        	Rick White controversy
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> Hello - My name is Juliana Gruenwald with National Journal's Tech Daily.
> I'm writing in response to questions raised about Rick White's nomination.
> Has a formal complaint been made to the council? If so, has a determination
> been made whether his nomination is legitimate.
> Thanks,
> Juliana Gruenwald
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