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[council] Report from the NC telecon, October 12th, 15:00 - 15:45 CET

DNSO Secretariat,
Oct 12th, 17:30

The DNSO Names Council met in teleconference today, 12 October 1999, 
at 15:00 CET, for approximately 45 minutes.

     Theresa Swinehart             Business
     Masanobu Katoh                Business
     Hirofumi Hotta                ISPCP
     Michael Schneider             ISPCP
     Ken Stubbs                    Registrars
     Richard Lindsay               Registrars
     Dennis Jennings               ccTLD
     Patricio Poblete              ccTLD
     Nigel Roberts                 ccTLD
     Ted Shapiro                   IP
     Caroline Chicoine             IP
     Victoria Carrington ALTERNATE IP
     Kathryn Kleiman               NCDNH
     Youn Jung Park                NCDNH
     Chuck Gomes ALTERNATE         gTLD

     Tony Harris                   ISPCP
     Philip Sheppard               Business, represented by Masanobu Katoh
     Erica Roberts ALTERNATE       Registrars, represnted by Richard Lindsay
     Raul Echeberria               NCDNH

The Names Council noted and confirmed the election of Alejandro 
Pisanty from Mexico, Latin America and Carribean Islands region,
as the ICANN Board member to serve for 3 years.

The Names Council (NC) agreed to delay the publication of Alejandro 
Pisanty's election until the DNSO Secretariat, Elisabeth Porteneuve, had 
checked that the ICANN staff (Andrew Mclaughlin) was satisfied that 
the votes cast in the various rounds of the election count had been 
correctly counted.

At 17:00 CET Elisabeth Porteneuve checked with Andrew Mclaughlin, and
will publish results immediately.

DNSO Sercretariat