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[council] Explanation of PRELIMINARY ROUND

PRELIMINARY ROUND. You cast up to 3 votes for different persons.

The first ballot -- b01 -- will be sent within minutes.
The deadline for your reply is tomorrow, Sunday October 10th, 18:00 CET.
Please check your local time.

The results will be given shortly after the close.

1) A ballot is prepared.
   A ballot starts with line "BEGIN" and ends with line "END__".

   It is like this:

 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril (Europe)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Karl_Auerbach (NorthA)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Jonathan_Cohen (NorthA)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Peter_Dengate-Thrush (AsiaPac)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] David_Maher (NorthA)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Naomasa_Maruyama (AsiaPac)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Alejandro_Pisanty (LatinAC)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Nii_Quaynor (Africa)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Dan_Steinberg (NorthA)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Don_Telage (NorthA)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Stefano_Trumpy (Europe)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Edmundo_Valenti (LatinAC)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Dany_Vandromme (Europe)
 b01:KabcZ:First_Last:[ ] Rick_White (NorthA)

2) Ballot is assigned a number (first field in a line),
   here "b01" -- ballot number 01.

3) Ballot is personalised. Each line indicate who is voting.
   In case of proxy, the email address in line "BEGIN" and "END__"
   may be different from the nominal one. The code PROXY is set
   for proxy votes.

4) The second field, here between "b01" and "First_Last",
   indicate a personalised code given for this ballot to this
   person. A personalised code is 5 caracteres, starting with "K",
   ending with "Z".
   All interim results will be given without the name of voting
   person, but with the personalised code. It will allow a voting
   persons to check if his vote is recorded.

5) Do not edit a ballot. Just put an "X" between square brackets [ ]
   if you give your vote to a nominee written in a line.
   ATTENTION. WARNING. In the first preliminary round -- this one --
   you cast up to 3 votes, for different persons.

6) A ballot will arrive From: "vote02@dnso.org" -- please reply
   without CC to any list.

7) PROXIES (except Chuck Gomes, Victoria Carrington, and TBD for Amadeu).
   All proxies receive ballots in the same time as the NC voting
   members. In case the secretariat receive a reply from both:
   NC member *and* his proxy, the valid vote is the one from the NC

Thank you !